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Every traffic accident reconstruction is different. Sometimes the situation calls for a simple, low cost assessment or investigation from an experienced, knowledgeable eye. An accident reconstruction expert at Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services (FACTS) of Florida can provide you guidance and a recommended course of action when you're not really sure what you have.

When the event requires a more complex analysis, an accident reconstruction typically begins with the collection of evidence and measurements during crash scene & vehicle examinations, and is conducted by qualified personnel with a minimum of 35 years experience in the field of accident reconstruction.

The collision scene is mapped out to scale, and graphically represented with vehicle markings like gouges and tiremarks. Each involved vehicle is thoroughly examined for physical clues. In addition, SMAC computer simulations are often used to verify speed calculations and study collision trajectories as part of the overall crash reconstruction.

Every collision - from the severe to the rear-ender fender-bender - is carefully analyzed to determine what happened, and how and why it occurred. Human factors, as well as environmental and mechanical factors, are studied for their relevance to the events preceding the collision. Visibility, occupant kinematics, and the use of safety restraints are also explored.

The final report typically includes the known facts of the collision, the details of the FACTS investigation and reconstructive analysis, an understandable explanation of opinions and conclusions and how they were drawn, diagrams of the scene, and all photos and/or video relevant to the rendered opinions and conclusions.

Other services:
In addition to accident reconstructions and analyses, FACTS provides vehicle fire origin & cause determinations and evaluations of general accidents and product failures.

FACTS - based in Tampa, Florida - is also involved in product liability litigation and provides independent evaluations of vehicle-related failures, such as potential tire, brake & steering, or safety system failures, as well as critical evaluations of other firms' accident reconstruction or investigation reports.