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Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services (FACTS) of Tampa, Florida welcomes insurance claims for the groundfloor opportunity to gather information while the evidence is still fresh. Inspections are scheduled promptly.

With FACTS you'll be armed with ready access to education in engineering and technology and a working knowledge of many relevant subjects - in addition to the insight and knowledge gained from thirty five linear years of determining the causes of fires and accidents of all kinds.

Advisive Role

Our role is to objectively investigate, document, review, and analyze the evidence and other technical facts in an attempt to understand and report on what happened in the most cost-effective manner possible and to advise you, when appropriate, of the claim's technical strengths and weaknesses to enable you to settle the claim promptly.

More Reasons to Rely on Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services

Technical terminology is used sparingly and is always explained in reports and verbal briefings. FACTS' insightful written reports and verbal summaries are frank, concise and understandable, and clearly and specifically address the issues of vital interest. As a result, very few FACTS cases originating from initial insurance claims ever go to trial.

Many engineers have ventured into the technical forensics of fire and crash reconstruction because of these fields' newly found popularity, though their actual experience in the investigation of fires and crashes may actually be quite limited. We have learned over the decades that good engineers are not necessarily good forensic investigators, because the scope of this work often transcends equations, specifications, and numbers. In causation forensics, experience really does matter - and FACTS has focused on this field full-time since 1981.

FACTS understands that a full accident reconstruction is not always necessary, and that a knowledgeable eye for detail may be all that's required in many cases. We offer simple low cost technical investigations when you want them, and more complex reconstructions when you need them.

Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services can help you determine which claims have merit, and identify, document and explain evidence which counters the dubious claims. Consult FACTS for technical expertise you can rely on.