In Causation Forensics, Experience Matters                                                           Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas

If you're searching for a qualified fire expert and/or accident reconstruction expert who is an effective communicator as well - FACTS is here to help. Whether it be in the form of a detailed analysis or basic technical guidance, Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services is committed to the understanding, determination, and explanation of the underlying causes of accidents and fires. It's what we've excelled at for going on 4 decades now. And we offer the benefits of this commitment, experience, and knowledge to you.

FACTS' insightful forensic reports are frank, concise and understandable, and specifically address the issues of vital interest without whitewash. It's not unusual that we broaden the perspective of your case by discovering an important aspect previously overlooked or unknown.

Photos and report graphics vividly illustrate, with professionally sharp & detailed color images, the evidence which supports the investigator's conclusions. Turnaround times on completing major fire investigations and more complex accident reconstructions are highly variable, but fire scene and vehicle/crash scene inspections are nearly always conducted within a day or two of receiving the case.

FACTS is contracted with the State of Florida's Judicial Administration Commission. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the CV button in the menu bar above. 

FACTS is an independent contractor for other forensic companies as well, in other regions and states which desire a presence in Florida or the Tampa Bay area. Click below for details.