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Curriculum Vitae of Jeff Williams

University of South Florida; School of Mechanical Engineering 1992-94
University of Dayton, Ohio 1978
Bachelor of Technology
University of Cincinnati; School of Engineering 1975-76
University of Cincinnati; Ohio College of Applied Science 1973-75
Associate of Electrical Engineering Technology

1989 - present Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services (FACTS) of Tampa, Florida
Vehicular Crash Reconstructions; Fire Origin & Cause Determinations; Product Liability/Failure Analysis; Low Impacts

1984-89 Interscience, Inc. - Tampa, Florida
Senior Loss Analyst - Fire Origin & Cause Determinations; Accident Reconstructions;
Product Liability/Failure Analysis

1981-1984 von Haenel & Associates, Inc. - Glendale, California 
Accident Reconstruction Engineer - Vehicular Accident Reconstructions;
Product Liability/Failure Analyses; Slip & Fall Testing; Fire Origin & Cause Determinations

1980 TRW Systems - Redondo Beach, California
Aerospace Test Engineer
1979-1980 General Dynamics - Pomona, California
 Missile Test Engineer