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Jeff Williams' expertise is unique in that he has worked both in accident reconstruction AND in fire origin & cause his entire career; this dual expertise is especially useful in situations which involve both a crash and a fire. He has trial experience as a fire expert in fire origin & cause determinations and investigations (criminal & civil) in both state (FL & CA) and federal courts. He has trial experience as an accident reconstruction expert (FL).

Jeff has worked cases in Alabama, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada, New York, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and the Bahamas.

Jeff is an award-winning photographer); an advanced scuba diver certified in open water and nitrox with experience in shipwreck dives, night dives, and multiple shark encounters; a computer "geek" who builds his own computers and who, as a student, programmed a heat source simulation (precursor to fire sims) in the Fortran language on an IBM 370 mainframe computer in the mid 1970s.

He's an avid cyclist and sea kayaker, an active musician (drums , keyboards ), composer, and audio engineer.

He is also the author of the international thriller "Burning of the Devil" (available on and other ebook outlets).  

CASE EXPERIENCE - Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Motor vehicle collisions
Suicide collisions
Tire failures
ATV collisions
Towed vehicles
Staged impacts
Low speed impacts
Motorcycle collisions
Heavy truck collisions
Determining the driver 
Light filament examination
Bicycle/motor vehicle collisions
Safety restraint use evaluations
Pedestrian/motor vehicle collisions
Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning
Component failures (brakes, safety restraints, steering, etc)

Both fire investigation and accident reconstruction often involve product liability assessments and analyses.

CASE EXPERIENCE - Fire Investigation
Commercial structure fires
Residential fires
Motor vehicle fires
Towed vehicle fires
Personal injury fires
Boat fires (including scuba-aided origin & cause determinations)
Heavy vehicle (bus, heavy truck) fires
Mobile home fires
Recreational vehicle fires
Electrical fires
Appliance fires
Flammable liquid fires
Gas & vapor explosions

Boat collisions and mishaps
Parasailing mishaps
Mechanical failures
Workplace machine injuries
Underwater photography
Forensic and digital photography