Fire Investigations by FACTS...

...typically involve a fire scene examination and documentation, the gathering of observational information from firefighters and eyewitnesses, and a fire origin & cause determination.

Emphasis is on the technical aspects of how and why a fire occurred. A determination that a fire has been set intentionally results only from the careful consideration of supporting evidence.

Determinations of fire origin and cause are derived from extensive experience and based upon technological realities, engineering

principles, and proven science.

Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services (FACTS) of Tampa, Florida will provide you an evaluation of the fire scene from a fire expert with more than 36 years experience in fire investigation - an investigator educated in engineering and technology who not only understands fire behavior and scientific methodology, but also electricity, chemistry, and the nature of materials as well - a reliable and efficient way to conduct any fire origin & cause determination, and a proven method of evaluating product liability potential.

Residential    Commercial Structures    Electrical    Personal Injury    Motor & Electric Vehicles    Heavy Vehicles Mobile Home & Recreational Vehicles    Marine/Boat Explosions (gas & vapor)    Arson    Product Liability